We've combined a tour of Santo's three most beautiful blue holes, RiRi, Matevulu and Nanda, with a side trip to the rustic fishing village of Port Olry. Each blue hole we visit is unique, they are different shades of blue and are surrounded by lush rainforest. They are fed by an underground freshwater spring. It's the ultimate jungle swimming pool filled with fish. Then its off through the coconut plantations to the small fishing village of Port Olry. Featuring uninhabited islands and a long, white sand beach, this is where you can enjoy an optional lunch on the beach or BYO. Snorkel on some reef, or just chill out in the sun before returning to your hotel late afternoon. Change of cothes, suncreen mosquito repellant suggested.

Full Day - 8.30am - 4.30pm

Prices - Please email us for prices

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Port Olry Santo Vanuatu
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